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Social Media Design Made Easy with Huemint

When the world was hit with a pandemic, more people than ever before were forced to stay at home. This meant that social media became one of the main ways for people to interact and keep in touch. As an social media marketer and social post designer, it quickly became apparent that this would be no small feat – keeping users engaged while also not overwhelming them with too many distracting design elements.

Creating custom backgrounds for clients while keeping the Instagram feed or Facebook look cohesive became more of a challenge for someone like me, who had the marketing background and strategies but hardly an eye for colours, fonts and creativity. When you are in this field, you realize fairly early just how difficult it is to make something look good without overloading a design with bells, whistles and a kitchen sink. There came a time that after weeks of trying different things – from adding colour gradients to changing font sizes – nothing seemed quite right – I was still struggling to find that perfect balance between design aesthetics and functionality (such as ease of reading, brand cohesiveness and more).

After months of frustration (and countless cups of coffee!), I finally stumbled on a website that would remain my best, most trusted creative partner for social me! And that website is Huemint.

Huemint for Social Media Marketers & Designers

Although there are numerous color generation tools available on the internet, most of them produce a standard palette of only five colors. This may be useful, but it still requires expertise and instinct to utilize these colors effectively. Introducing Huemint – an innovative solution that leverages machine learning to generate colors specifically for graphic design purposes. Rather than yielding a static palette for application, Huemint instead creates colors based upon how each hue will be utilized within the final design product.

Huemint’s cutting-edge technology quickly creates visually appealing color palettes. Experience the convenience of instantly testing your color scheme in various applications like logos, websites, illustrations or social media posts and feeds. Trust Huemint to take color selection to the next level.

Huemint allows you to easily categorize colors as primary, background, and accent to emphasize specific elements on your site. Their innovative code table is based on color and temperature contrasts, providing flexibility for adding your own brand shade and reusing it across multiple designs.

If you’re looking to take a more daring approach, Huemint platform empowers you to experiment with creative solutions, providing a great way to add a fresh touch to your next website or illustration project, or social media branding.

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