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‘Definitely Works’ Easy Secret Sauce to 10x Your Instagram

Hmmm. What is the easy secret sauce to 10x your Instagram? To increase followers, increase engagement and show some real, tangible results in terms of link clicks, orders, conversions or whatever it is that you want the end result to be.

We have all been there. Trudging through our lives on Instagram like it were a tough (and complex) game of Go (a Chinese board game) that we had to navigate and hopefully win. Even if one is not running after the ‘I want to be the next big social media influencer’ game, one definitely wants to grow slowly and steadily if not fast and viral.

So if you are someone who keeps looking for inspiration from viral reels, viral trends and viral music, stop. Stop right now. That is just one aspect of the game and definitely not the only one, nor the more reliable one. As a strategy hopping on viral Instagram trends is sure to suck in the long run. Because even if you do go viral once, it translates to nothing on the ground, em, as in on your account or your engagement and traffic stats, if it is a once-off ‘tukka‘ (fluke) as we say in Marathi.

What you really need is a solid Instagram strategy that will help you grow and keep growing in the long run.

And that Instagram strategy for organic growth is really the easy secret sauce to 10x your Instagram.

What is this Easy Strategy to Grow Your Instagram Organically?

To grow Instagram organically the best way is to have a system and stick with it every single day like clockwork.

Here’s the secret sauce broken down into these neat 3 steps to get more followers on Instagram and also to improve the visibility of your Instagram posts.

Step 1 for Organic Instagram Growth

Pick 10 people in your niche that are killing it on Instagram. These are in a way, your competitors but just better on Instagram than you are at the moment.

Step 2 for Growing Instagram Organically

Pick 10 hashtags in your niche. Ones that you should be following if you aren’t already doing so. Ensure that these are a mix of small, medium and high-number hashtags, but if you are a particularly small Instagram account at the moment, pick the mid-tier ones to start off with.

Step 3 and the Most Important Instagram Strategy to Improve Engagement & Increase Followers

Leave two pieces of engagement on each of these two groups, and alternate between them every few hours. Ensure that the comments are valuable and not copy-paste and that they actually relate to the content you are engaging with. Here’s a sample of your schedule for it.

9 AM – leave two pieces of engagement in the competitor/influencer group. These 20 comments should take you no more than 10 minutes.

12 PM – leave two pieces of content on stuff found in your hashtag groups. These 20-odd actions too shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

3 PM – go back to your competitor/influencer group and leave some likes and comments.

6 PM – go back to your hashtag group and engage there.

Rinse and repeat this cycle daily and see the results along the way.

You can save your Instagram influencer/competitor group as links on your phone’s notes app. You can do the same for your hashtag list. This makes it easy for you to access them with a single click and engage quickly as necessary.

These Instagram tricks really work, you just have to do them dedicatedly and daily. Of course, you have to create quality content, use good and relevant hashtags and make interesting captions with appropriate hooks too. Because even with all the hard work, if your main Instagram content isn’t valuable or good enough, the love you dish out will not be reciprocated no matter how dedicatedly you do it.

Hope these Instagram growth hacks and tips help you with growing your social media accounts.

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