How to beat the Instagram algorithm

Insider Guide to Juicy Headlines the Grab Instant Attention

Let’s face it, Internet users are not known for their patience. They want fast results and speedy information, preferably in byte-sized bits. And that’s tough if you are a social media manager looking to reach new audiences for your brands, or a blogger, looking to get someone click your link and read your blog. And I get you, I really do, hooks are not easy. Not even if someone give you an insider guide to juicy headlines on a platter.

Let me tell you my story from a few years ago..

Now I had been a social media content creator for years, and I had thought I was pretty good at it. But when the new algorithm updates kept coming out, my engagement rate started to drop. I knew if I wanted to stay relevant in the industry and keep holding on to my existing clients, I needed to come up with some fresh ideas that would capture people’s attention.

So one day I decided to experiment by testing different types of hooks in my content. I tried asking questions, spinning off popular topics or trends, and even creating outrageous headlines—anything that might get people talking.

Unfortunately, none of them seemed to make any difference in my engagement rates… until one day when I made a post about an upcoming sale at our store (I was working on with a digital store client back then) using a hook called “The Ultimate Deal-o-Matic”! People went crazy over it: they shared it on their own pages and commented about how great the deal was going to be! The account’s followers were so excited that they couldn’t help but spread the word around. And sure enough, that piece of content blew up after this one simple change!

I realized then just how powerful creative hooks can be—not only did it increase our engagement rate significantly but also drew more customers into buying from us too! From then on, I have vowed to never again underestimate the importance of crafting clever hooks for every single post or advertisement I create; because as long as you keep your audience engaged with interesting content like these ‘Deal-O-Matics’ – there is no limit to what kind of success you can achieve.

So here’s are the most basic things to look at.

4 Basic Tips from My Insider Guide to Juicy Headlines

  • Use ‘you’ to address your readers. Example: Tips for you to grow your Instagram organically, or 8 tips to grow your Instagram without paid ads.
  • People love lists, if you are writing a blog, include numbers. If it is an Instagram reel, it works there too. Example: 3 steps to 10x your Instagram growth
  • Be specific. Generic headlines never perform as well. Example: Helpful AI tools for blogging or How to beat the Instagram algorithm.
  • Improve your storytelling through short headlines or sentences. Practice short form ‘Twitter-style’ storytelling that should be able to hook in a reader without the use of paras and paras.

Stay tuned for more. More Instagram hacks and hacks for bloggers coming soon. You can follow my company’s Instagram handle SayMe Marketing to stay on top of our social media hacks. Or check out our digital marketing business website if you need help with your website SEO or social media management and growth.

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