Is social media pressure stopping you from being authentic?

Are you Authentic? Or Are you ‘Perfect’ thanks to Social Media Pressure?

I’ve noticed a big issue with my travels… right from the destination picks to the outfits I pack and more…I am too engrossed on things like… I must take awesome photos, I must pick beautiful destinations, I must look awesome…

And that’s not peer pressure, not by a long shot…

it is social media pressure…

and completely self imposed if I may add.

🔴 So what if I have put on a little weight and my double chin shows in my photos…

🟠 So what if I have uneven skin and pigmentation… enough to bother me in my close ups…

🟢 So what if I have muddy dog paw marks on my clothes because I couldn’t resist making a new furry friend in a foreign land…

Am I not old enough to outgrow this vanity? Am I not mature enough to deal with the imperfections gracefully and take them in my stride?

Hence this post…Kinda like a note to self.

In a world full of chai lattes, I should really be what I love being… myself… the streetside, affordable adrak (ginger) and elaichi (cardamom) wali masala chai…

I must choose to be authentic. I must choose to travel authentic..

No filter on my photos (well, mostly 🙈) and no filter on my words…

Can you take the pledge with me? For a world still not ready for you, arrive in style and let them deal with it…

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  1. I’ve been avoiding taking my own pics for the longest! My pigmentation is at its worst, my dark circles can challenge the pandas! But I am taking up this post seriously. Will tag you on Insta tomorrow when I upload my pic 🙂

  2. True.. How long are we going to avoid simple pleasures of doing something like uploading a pic.. For apprehensions as such.. Resonated well with me..

  3. How true! Silly issues come in the way of what should be a fun filled experience. When we went on trips with friends, everyone would be all caught up in taking the best pics from the best angles etc etc. And miss that awesome sunset totally! 🤦‍♀️😆

  4. easier said that done no 😉 But like you said – always remind yourself to avoid the self-imposed pressure!!

  5. I too sometimes succumb to social media pressure, especially when it comes to Instagram. This would be a note to myself too.

  6. Oh yes. I’m totally original with no pressure on social media. Plus I cannot be fake and show that I have everything and all that! I do what makes me comfortable.

  7. I had a similar realization when I trying hard to get instagram followers. But I have up soon. I started posting as they are. I still have limited followers and that’s okay.

  8. Being authentic is the new trend. Nobody is perfect, those who pretend to be the one are the unhappiest lot. Embrace your flaws and showcase the imperfections:)

  9. Yes social media has its own structured pressures but whether to be any or all versions of ourselves is upto us. Somedays i love who iam & somedays i love me via filters. Both ways im me.

  10. This has to be the most chic & absolute post, Sayali, that I’ve read today.

    I so agree about the fear of being judged basis of looks on SM. I usually just edit my pictures of food & not otherwise. There’s a lot of judgement around. I feel, the audience or your followers connect more if you bare your original self in front of them.

    Usually, the most candid & random pics end up getting more engagement than the ones carefully edited to fit the aesthetic mould.

  11. The so-called drama that happens when a pic is clicked. And scanning thru numerous images before picking the right one. Yes, your post gives me a sense of déjà-vu. I think if it’s a professional profile, it matters, if it’s a private personal profile page, loved ones would love to see us as we are.

  12. Social media can get intimidating if we allow it to pressurize us. I am glad you don’t succumb to the pressure. It’s seriously not worth it. Being Real is what is needed.

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