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5 Reasons Why ‘My Mister’ Korean Drama Should Be On Your Watch List

Are you looking for a Korean drama that will make you cry, laugh, and tug at your heartstrings all at the same time? Look no further! ‘My Mister’ (Na-ui ajeossi) is the perfect show for you. With its captivating plot, phenomenal performances, and relatable characters, ‘My Mister’ has become a fan favorite in the Kdrama community. If you aren’t already convinced from my The My Mister Review I had posted earlier, I’ll give you five reasons why you should add ‘My Mister’ to your watch list.

  1. Compelling Storyline

The story of ‘My Mister’ revolves around a group of people who are struggling in their personal and professional lives, including an emotionally distant middle-aged man named Park Dong Hoon, who is trying to cope with his unhappy marriage and family issues, and a young woman named Lee Ji An, who is dealing with poverty, abuse, and the pressures of survival. The show beautifully portrays the complex relationships between the characters and how they learn to find solace and comfort in each other’s company.

It is worth mentioning here that the drama also has incredible dialogues and some of the most deep, meaningful and memorable quotes. Lee Ji An’s ‘ rich people can afford to be kind’ comes instantly to mind as I write this.

  1. Outstanding Performances

Lee Sun Kyun and IU deliver astounding performances as the two lead characters. Lee Sun Kyun’s portrayal of Park Dong Hoon’s internal struggles and emotional turmoil is a sight to behold. IU, on the other hand, showcases her acting range as Lee Ji An, a woman who is forced to mature beyond her years due to her circumstances. The rest of the cast also delivers noteworthy performances, making every moment of the show worth watching.

  1. Realistic Themes

‘My Mister’ deals with themes that are relatable and grounded in reality. It is a realistic Kdrama that explores issues such as unemployment, financial struggles, marital problems, and mental health. The show does not shy away from portraying the harsh realities of life, making it a refreshing change from other romanticized dramas. It offers a realistic and honest portrayal of life and how people cope with their problems.

  1. Gorgeous Cinematography

The show’s cinematography is stunning, with its use of subdued colors and beautiful landscapes that reflect the mood of the characters. The camera work is exceptional, enabling viewers to immerse themselves in the story and experience the emotions of the characters. The music score is also a standout, elevating the emotional impact of the scenes.

  1. Heartwarming Ending

The ending of ‘My Mister’ is heartwarming and satisfying, tying all the loose ends together and leaving viewers with a sense of hope and closure. It perfectly concludes the characters’ journey and offers a message of redemption, forgiveness, and healing. It’s a bittersweet but beautiful finale that will leave you feeling emotionally fulfilled.

‘My Mister’ is an outstanding drama that deserves to be on your watch list. Its compelling storyline, outstanding performances, realistic themes, gorgeous cinematography, and heartwarming ending make it a must-watch for any Kdrama fan. It’s a show that will make you cry, laugh, and experience a range of emotions that you won’t easily forget. So grab some tissues, get comfy, and prepare to be captivated by ‘My Mister’.

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