Travelling with babies and toddlers

Travelling with Babies and the Food Dilemma

Travelling with babies and toddlers can be an adventure in itself, but it also brings its own unique set of challenges. One of these challenges is ensuring that your little one is well-fed while on the go. Believe me when I say this, it doesn’t matter if you’re planning a weekend road trip or flying to a far-off land, when hunger strikes, your little bundle of joy will let you know, and often loudly!

I can still remember the endless times of trying to pack homemade baby food in small containers and jars, only to have them leak all over the place and make a mess in the car, and don’t even get me started on what happens to food on a long-haul flight. That’s why prepackaged baby foods such as those by Mother Nurture are a godsend – they’re convenient, hassle-free and perfect for parents-on-the-go!

Pre-packaged Mother Nurture Baby Foods

Mother Nurture, an Indian baby foods brand, offers sterile and nutritionally sound, prepackaged baby foods to parents who love to travel.  Here are some of the important features that highlight the products of this singular, one-of-a-kind baby foods brand that offers foods made by moms and taste-tested by moms.

  • This new Indian brand offers Indian-inspired baby foods with traditional flavors and spices. The popular ‘The Staple’ baby food for example is dal khichdi with ghee. In addition, the brand consistently comes up with new and exciting flavours. They are currently busy perfecting three new recipes for a grand launch, namely Mama’s secret (dal, green beans, carrots and rice), Doodhi Delight (bottle gourd, carrots, rice, quinoa, apples and ghee), and Jolly Sweet Greens (sweet potatoes and green beans).
  • The brand offers clean label baby foods, meaning that there are no additional or hidden ingredients that may not be listed cleanly on the ingredients label. The foods are 100% safe and contain no additional colouring or flavours.
  • All of their baby food recipes contain fresh ingredients sourced locally and internationally from countries like South Africa and North America to make preservative-free foods according to the three infant growth stages. This makes it easy to pick your foods according to your baby’s food stage and get travelling.
  • Using technology like thermal processing and the science of canning, Mother Nurture is able to offer baby foods with a 9-month shelf life. They use triple-layer barrier cups and lidding to seal in all the goodness without letting any oxygen or water vapour get in. This prevents microbial activity and the foods are truly sealed to perfection.
  • Lastly, the brand has partnered with Glen Cox, a seasoned food processing expert from Australia with over 35 years of experience in the food industry across additional continents like Europe and South East Asia. He specializes in modern, high-end clean-label food processing systems, and oversees our food processing operations to guarantee that our baby food is both safe and delicious.

Prepackaged foods like those of Mother Nurture, truly make travelling as parents far easier. But, what about the times when prepackaged baby food isn’t an option? Here are some tips to ensure your little one never goes hungry:

Plan Ahead

The key to success when travelling with kids is preparation. Make sure you pack in advance and have everything you need. Calculate how much food your child will need per day and pack accordingly. I always found it helpful to pack a few extra snacks just in case of delays.

Invest in a Travel Cooler

Travel coolers are a lifesaver when travelling with babies and toddlers. They keep food fresh for longer and are great for homemade meals and snacks. If you’re concerned about space, don’t be! There are plenty of compact options that can slide right into your luggage.

Pack Reusable Pouches

Reusable food pouches are a fantastic alternative to traditional containers. They’re lightweight, compact, and come in a range of sizes. Plus, the convenience of being able to squish them down and fit into any luggage makes them an ideal on-the-go option.

Stop at Grocery Stores

When you’re on the road, take advantage of grocery stores! They’re a great option for fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurts, and you can even pick up some refillable water bottles and food containers. Plus, many grocery stores offer microwaves and similar facilities which can be handy for heating up baby food.

In conclusion, travelling with babies and toddlers is no easy feat, but with some preparation and the right tools (including Mother Nurture’s prepackaged baby food), it can be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. So, pack up your luggage and embrace the adventure!

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