Realistic, Slice-of-Life Korean Dramas to Watch

5 Realistic Korean Dramas That Tell Slice-Of-Life Stories

When it comes to Korean dramas, it’s easy to get sucked into the fantasy world of rich chaebols, impossible love stories, and dramatic plot twists. But sometimes, you just want to watch a show that reflects real life – something that resonates with your own experiences, struggles, and triumphs. And there certainly are some really good realistic, slice-of-life Kdramas worth watching. These slice-of-life Korean dramas may not have the highest ratings or the most glamorous settings, but they will make you feel seen, heard, and understood. So grab your tissues, your snacks, and your cozy blanket, and get ready for some heartwarming and relatable storytelling.

Reply 1988

Set in the late 1980s, this drama follows a group of five friends who live in the same neighborhood in Seoul. They go to school together, play together, and grow up together while facing the challenges of family relationships, academic pressure, first love, and generational differences. What makes this drama special is its nostalgic atmosphere, its realistic portrayal of Korean family dynamics, and its emphasis on the power of friendship. You will laugh, cry, and cheer with these characters as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence and adulthood.

Be Melodramatic

This underrated gem is a delightful and quirky tribute to the lives of three female roommates who work in the entertainment industry. Each episode focuses on a specific topic, such as sexuality, mental health, or career struggles, and explores it through the lens of the protagonists’ personal experiences. Despite its heavy themes, the drama manages to balance humor, heart, and creativity in a way that feels refreshing and authentic. You will fall in love with the hilarious and endearing characters and relate to their fears and aspirations.

Hospital Playlist

If you’re looking for a drama that celebrates the power of friendship, music, and healing, look no further than Hospital Playlist. The drama follows five doctors who work in the same hospital and have been friends since medical school. As they navigate their professional and personal lives, they also form a band and perform in concerts for their colleagues and patients. What makes this drama stand out is its warm and inclusive portrayal of healthcare workers, its emphasis on teamwork and compassion, and its realistic approach to medical cases. You will cry, sing, and root for these characters as they face life-and-death situations and emotional challenges.

My Mister

This masterpiece of a drama is not for the faint of heart, but it is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates outstanding acting, storytelling, and direction. My Mister tells the story of a middle-aged man who works as an engineer and is struggling to support his family and stay afloat in a harsh reality. He meets a young woman who works as a temp and is facing her own demons. Together, they form an unlikely friendship that transforms their lives in unexpected ways. What makes this drama unforgettable is its raw and honest portrayal of loneliness, trauma, and redemption, as well as its poetic and cinematic visuals. You will be amazed, moved, and haunted by this drama for a long time. Check out my My Mister Kdrama review if you’d like to know more about this masterpiece.

Because This Is My First Life

Last but not least, this charming and romantic drama is a must-watch for anyone who has ever struggled to find their place in the world, both professionally and personally. The drama follows a young man who works as a web developer and dreams of buying his own house, and a young woman who works as a screenwriter and dreams of making her own film. They decide to live together as roommates, but soon realize that their relationship is more than just a business deal. What makes this drama refreshing is its humorous and insightful commentary on modern society, its nuanced and relatable characters, and its sweet and satisfying romance. You will smile, swoon, and reflect on your own dreams and aspirations.

Whether you’re a diehard fan of Korean dramas or a casual viewer, these slice-of-life realistic Korean dramas will remind you of the beauty and complexity of the human experience. They will make you laugh, cry, and think, and they will leave an imprint on your heart. So why not give them a chance and discover your new favorite show? Who knows, you may find yourself feeling seen in ways you never expected. Happy watching!

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