That’s It! I’ve Had It With Refrigeration Ignorance! Time To Enlighten Myself & Others

Well, it’s been a while since I blogged and there is just so much to show and tell, I am practically bursting with it. While I was away nothing special really happened in my life, well, unless you count a fabulous trip to Sweden, a brand new Microwave, a day out (shopping of course) with my dear friend G, Thai meals and a crash course in ‘makeup’ something special?!


The trigger for this blog (the one that just had me rescheduling all my work just to make time for it) however, is eggs, yes, quite simply eggs and the best place to store them. There has always been a long drawn battle between my hubby (who is sadly equally lacking in household nitty gritties as I am) and me as to where they should be stored.
While I say that they should be refrigerated, S insists that they should be stored at room temperature. While I have wished countless times for one or two to just hatch themselves while being stored at a room temperature of 40 degrees, that has just sadly never happened, so there was just no way to prove my point.
Until now that is. This time, I just decided to settle this miniature ‘Mahabharat’ by simply asking ‘Google baba’ since he of course ‘knows it all’ if you know what I mean. What I found was gloat-worthy and just like that, I won! I won this small battle and several others too. So, this article is just to gloat about it… ehmmmm, no, I mean this article is just to share this useful info of course.
Eggs should go in your refrigerator
Eggs in the Refrigerator
Information propagated by several authority experts, including but not limited to the British Egg Information Service maintains that eggs should be refrigerated at a constant temperature below 20 degrees C. This ensures that they retain freshness at an optimal level.
It is as simple as that; makes me wonder why I did not research this sooner, if for nothing else then to at least not raise my hopes of having a few pet chicklets (that never quite materialized)!
Tomato Ketchup
Refrigerated Heinz tomato ketchup
Your Ketchup Too Goes In The Fridge!
Unfortunately, while eggs are just eggs, ketchup can be of several different types. If you are a devout consumer of Heinz tomato ketchup just like me, you will like to know this. Heinz ketchup should also be refrigerated for it to remain edible and fresh for a longer time.
A lot of ketchup types have artificial preservatives that help them stay fresh for a long time even when stored at room temperature. But Heinz ketchup manufacturers have officially gone on record saying that as this ketchup does not contain any artificial preservatives, it is best refrigerated once it has been opened. That’s one more on my scoreboard!
Similar is the case with jams, irrespective of whether they have or have not got any preservatives. So, while I have won these rounds, the next one goes to my hubby (genuinely, truly and not just as a way to appease him on the scoreboard).
You see, I kinda have this tendency to stuff everything in my refrigerator (which is why I was most terribly disappointed when my hubby chose to curb my tendencies by getting me a small one L ). So the next one should actually be out of it, just like he said.
Bread in a bread storage bin
Bread At Room Temperature
Now, bread actually must be stored at room temperature (and thus be consumed before its expiry date). Now, when I got married, I had this notion that bread must go into the refrigerator as there is just no way you can get a whole loaf to finish on time, between just two people. But hey, I admit it, I was wrong.
If refrigerated, bread turns harder and tougher to bite. Though it is great if you feel that this is better than throwing it away once it spoils, it is best to keep it in a dry and cool breadbasket and get it finished on time.
So there, if you have any others to add, please do let me know. As everyone already knows or as everyone may have already figured out, I am something of a household disaster. I’d thus appreciate all the help I can get! Toodles.

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