Kdrama Review of Kill Me Heal Me: Ji Sung's 7 Personalities

KDrama Review: Kill Me, Heal Me

So today, we have a rom-com but with a non-typical storyline. And I just love those.

If you love unique, unheard-of stories and you’re a die-hard rom-com addict, Kill Me Heal Me is just perfect for you.

From the very first episode to the last, you’ll find yourself intermittently giggling away, laughing out loud, tearing up, and going ‘awwww’ with your toes curled in. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, my husband was ready to institutionalize me since he caught me laughing uncontrollably one time too many during the three days that it took me to polish off this drama.

To say I wasn’t biased when I wrote this review, would be unfair though.

In my very personal opinion, I think Ji Sung is a superstar with unparalleled acting prowess. What he lacks in looks and suave (at least in comparison to the Lee Min Ho’s, Ji Chang Wook’s, et al), he more than makes up for in acting; pure, simple and sadly underrated ‘acting’. Hwang Jung-eum is the most perfect partner and pair to Ji Sung. Equally talented and better known as the ‘queen of tears’, she brings out the best in him just as she shines brilliantly herself when paired up with him. Their chemistry has only grown from one drama to another as they have been repeatedly rated the most beloved pair. And then there’s Park Seo Joon at his hilarious best as well. He matches their skills on every level, even on the melodrama front.

Don’t get me wrong though. I may have mentioned the actors first out of my own love for them, but the best and most star-lit part of the drama is the story and screenplay. There are no two ways about this. Without revealing too much of the story (I hate spoilers unless I specifically ask for them.. so I presume the same for others), the story revolves around a rich heir with a dissociative identity disorder. In other words, a psychological ailment that stems from his childhood trauma where he has multiple personalities within him.

Seven to be exact. And that’s including his original personality. He has within him.

· A thug-cum-gangster type Shin Se-gi who doesn’t shy away from violence but never hurts women and kids

· A middle-aged Perry Park who loves fishing and building crude, homemade bombs (yes, you read that right!)

· An extroverted teenaged GIRL, Ahn Yo-Na, who is, as expected, excited about life, handsome boys and makeup!

· An intelligent teenaged BOY Ahn Yo-Sub. He is Yo-Na’s twin but he’s suicidal and always looking for ways to kill himself.

· Na-Na, a teddy-bear loving 7-year-old GIRL

· Mr X, a mysterious character that not much is known about. Think of him as a variable factor in the story.

· And of course, the original man, Cha Do-Hyun

As you can see from the interesting mix of ages, genders and character traits, hilarity is bound to ensue.

The female lead is the psychiatrist who takes on the task of healing the male lead by addressing underlying issues and killing off one of the split personalities one by one. Park Seo Joon, the second male lead, is the brother of the female lead by all accounts, but there are many twists to this tale.

Enough said about the story. If you want to laugh like there’s no tomorrow, fall in love with the one character that you wish did not have to go (absolutely everyone I have recommended this drama to, falls in love with this one character and I bet you will too) and tear up as secrets are revealed and mysteries are unearthed, you have to watch this one.

The drama is not new and you will notice this straight away from the looks of the actors as well as the way the drama is filmed. But it is certainly evergreen, with a potential to make you laugh and cry for years to come. And for that, I rate this drama a big-hearted 9.5 out of 10. Do watch it.

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