Goblin Kdrama Review: Review of Guardian: The Dark & Lonely God

KDrama Review: Goblin (Guardian: The Dark & Lonely God)

What would you get if you throw some interesting things together –

Such as, say… a human ‘God’ who has been punished with immortality for over 900 years, a 300 years old grim reaper who has no memory of his past, and a human girl who sees ghosts.

What you’d get is a cracker of a story beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations, and one of my favourite ones at that.

A story that is a, or make that another, masterpiece from scriptwriter Kim Eun Seuk.

A story that makes you laugh your hearts out, a story that makes you bawl your eyes out and a story that makes you live it, like seriously, live it.

So what makes Gobin such a masterpiece? Is it about the story’s a-list writer? Is it about the teaming up of Korea’s famed stars – Gong Yoo, Kim Go-Eun and Lee Dong-Wook? What is it exactly that draws you in?

Well frankly, too many things.

The story is outstanding. It tells of a fateful love that was meant to come together just to fall apart…. the kind of doomed love that creates masterpieces.

Well, first and foremost, this is not a beginners drama. This is not a light-hearted drama for a Kdrama virgin either. It is a drama for people who are looking for good stories, for people who want to feel something, and for people who like deeper character interplay and an upward growth graph in relationships and characters. For this drama delivers on all counts.

It is a story that alternates between modern times and Goryeo era history with ease, a story that makes you feel the hopelessness, the helplessness of doomed love and a story that makes you truly believe, that some God above is really doing all this for entertainment, for its melodrama quotient.

Full marks to the acting skills of the main leads as well as all of the side characters. Even if you tried really hard, with a microscope, you wouldn’t find fault there.

Full marks for the story too. It is quite frankly a genius one.. interweaving historical bits with a modern-day unlikely romance.

Full marks for imagination too. The grim reaper’s tea room, Kim Shin’s opening of doors, spring flowers in the middle of winter, the fabled Goblin’s bride, so on and so forth are just some strokes of the writer’s brilliance. And you’ll only know this if you’re as big a fan of hers as I am… following her stories around like a lovesick puppy.

But what this drama does best, or rather writer Kim Eun-sook always delivers upon is the camaraderie between characters… all, though mostly male, definitely male. I bet you you will fall in love with Kim Shin’s, Wang Yeo’s and Yoo Deok-Hwa’s unlikely friendship… the most beautiful and natural threesome if there ever was one!

I rate this drama a high 9.75 and that is only because giving it a 10 would mean that absolutely nothing could be done better in it. There definitely is one thing that could make this drama better – more episodes! Yeah, you read that right!

P.S I have consciously refrained from giving you even an inch of this fabulous story because doing so would break my heart. As one of my top 3 Kdramas of all-time I cannot and I will not do it this disservice. Watch it and that’s the only way you’ll know why.

Goblin is now available on Netflix. Have a look at the short trailer below:

Source: iFlix Malaysia (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tOxnroOTWU)

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