Online Games for Stress Relief & Office Breaks

Online Games for a Quick Work Break

Online games are not just for stress relief. They also offer the opportunity of quick work breaks, for the times when you’d rather give your brains a break than give your bodies some coffee. Or in my case, make that tea!

If you’ve been reading my articles off late, you must already know that I play a few online games when I want to unwind and de-stress. And you already know that word games are my absolute favorite (possibly a psychological thing where when I play with words, I think I am doing something to improve my vocabulary or something, better for my profession, so on and so forth, hahaha).

But recently, I stumbled upon an online gaming website (Nah, not the anime kind that’s popular in China… you know the esports kind that you saw in ‘You are my Glory’ recently or ‘Falling into your Smile’ a short while back), but a more traditional online games website. And today I am here to sing praises for one of my favorite games right now, one that’s got me hooked enough to finish all levels in one sitting… yeah. That kind.

Introducing Solitaire.Org

So I quite literally stumbled upon this website. I mean, I am so over solitaire and card games for that matter. And if you are old enough and you remember that Candy Crush era where everyone on Facebook was sending everyone else Candy Crush requests every other day (make that minute), you, like me, are possibly also over Candy Crush Saga too.

And of course, I wanted a change from my typical word games too, so I turned to this amazing and new website that brought me something different – Hidden Objects Online Games!

And woah, they had me hooked.

Yeah, yeah, the site also has card games and Candy Crush games and other games. It also has some unique games to try like Mahjong games (if you know how to play them and are good with strategy), but since I was simply looking to unwind and take a quick break off work, hidden object games sufficed.

They were brilliant as I will review and explain below.

Hidden Object Games

So, to begin with, there were two types. One where you had to find hidden numbers within images (animation), and another where you had to look for objects hidden in images (or animation).

I am not a numbers person, so I skipped the ‘find the hidden numbers’ online games here, especially since I can never quite find them even in the Facebook shares where they ask to ‘how many 2’s do you see in this picture?’. I suck and my answer is always wrong.

So I will tell you about the ones I loved, and those were the hidden object ones, like Hidden Kitchen and Garden Secret. Medieval Castle and China Temple were other two good ones, but a bit more difficult, especially the latter, which had both objects and numbers!

Secret Garden Hidden Objects Game

Secret garden Hidden Objects Online Game
Secret Garden Hidden Objects Online Game

The game is simple. You have a timer and are given a few object images. For every level, you need to find all of them (in any order), as fast as you possibly can (to get a bonus). Sounds imply, no? It is in a way, I mean the game is not very hard. But it is oh so much fun. The scenery is vivid and the music is soothing. The objects are often embedded in backgrounds such as a garden bush, for example. And it is super fun to find them.

Here are a few screenshots of the levels and the background images to give you an idea. The strip panel at the bottom of the screens shows the objects that you still need to find. Oh and did I mention, for every wrong find, some time gets taken off your timer.

Just getting started with level 6 there
The different levels of the game

And once you finish all the levels, you can list your score on the leaderboard and see how your performance matches up.

Me, I am not competitive. I mean, em, I am terribly competitive generally. But not here. This, it is simply a stress buster for me. A way to shift gears and slow down when I’ve had a hectic day or between two hectic virtual meetings. Oh, you know what I mean. And for that I rate it very highly. You’ll only know once you try.

So do try it out, here’s the game I loved the best right here – Garden Secrets Hidden Objects Online Game. Try it out, thankfully, it’s free.

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