How to differentiate your Pinterest pins and make them pop?

1 Simple Pinterest Pins Hack to Make Your Pins Pop in Everyone’s Feeds

Pinterest pins hacks are littered everywhere on the Internet, especially pin design hacks to make scroll-stopping pins and pin hacks to get more click throughs. That said, none of those ‘simple’ Pinterest pins hacks can get any simpler than this one.

So if you are looking for pin design hacks that make your perfect people stop their scrolls and look at your pins, or make your pins pop tantalizingly in front of your perfect customers, compelling them to click, then you are at the right place right now.

In all the Pinterest pin hacks out there, everyone talks about using legible, clear fonts, attractive colors and about using scripty, handwritten fonts that are hard to read sparingly and for design purposes only. But when talking about fonts, most Pinterest marketing gurus overlook a very important aspect, and that’s novelty. Give a Pinterest user some novelty in fonts, colors and looks and you’ve won half the battle for attention right there.

The Problem with Most Pinterest Pins Today

Now here’s the real problem. Most pinners today are under pressure to design, download and push out near-perfect pins every single day for the pin-hungry monster that Pinterest has now become in 2021. In the quest to push out one pin a day, or two pins or day, or the ‘recommended’ 5 pins a day, most pinners use ready-to-use editable Canva templates for churning out high volume of pins day in and day out.

But what they don’t realize that is that most regulars on Pinterest are bored to death of these overused templates; the same style, the same fonts and the same types of content and CTAs. In a lot of cases, most pinners are almost blind to the same pastel colors, the same feminine pins (arghh, this is so overdone, it makes me die with deathly boredom), to the same text overlay over photo run-of-the-mill templates.

And of course, not everyone can purchase custom-designed Pinterest pin templates every few weeks or months. It is just an unnecessary expense, especially when you can indeed use this super simple Pinterest pin hack to make eye-popping Pinterest pins that generate better impressions and click throughs by making viewers stop their scroll and engage proactively.

So what is it, this super simple Pinterest pins hack that I am going on and on about….

It is about using custom fonts (don’t worry about the expense, I am talking about free fonts, unless you choose to buy premium ones) that help your pins stand out from the crowd.

Please note that the two links given earlier are affiliate links for Pinterest pinners who are looking to use this simple hack. If you do however like my recommendation and want to make purchases other than fonts, may I ask that you use my affiliate link to Creative Fabrica to make them. This way, I get a small commission out of your purchases, without you having to pay a single penny extra. Thanks.

Now it is time to see this super simple Pinterest pins hack of using novel fonts in your pins in action shall we? Please note, that the examples given below are plain pins, as in pins with plain backgrounds, simply because I wanted to highlight the fonts in question. You can of course use them in your own creative ways to suit your aesthetics and colors, in the same text overlay over image format as well if necessary, for they will still stand out even then.

Pinterest Pins Hack – Use Novel Fonts

Example 1: Using Free Font ‘Beat My Guest’

How to make your Pinterest Pins pop, pinterest pins hack that works.
‘Beat my Guest’ font used for the word ‘pop’

Example 2: Using ‘Rise of Kingdom’ Free Font

Using novel fonts to make your Pinterest pins pop and stop scrolls
‘Rise of Kingdom’ font used for ‘making scroll-stopping pins

Example 2: Using ‘Strings’ Free Font

Super simple trick to differentiate your pinterest pins from thousands others in Pinterest feed.
‘Strings’ font used for ‘super simple trick’

And these are just examples to highlight my super simple trick to differentiate your Pinterest pins in a Pinterest feed. You can of course, choose your free or paid fonts according to your aesthetic and requirement, for example if you’re into pets, there’s a paw print font that was so cute; if you’re into gardening, a beautiful nature related font would work for you, so on and so forth. So it really also depends on your niche.

Choose whichever you like and give it a try. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve found one that works for you. Once again, I request that you use my affiliate link to make purchases and help me support my blog.

Oh I almost forgot, there just one more thing about this super simple Pinterest pins hack that you need to know before I scoot. It is about how to choose your free or paid font. Here’s a tiny list of handful tips to remember when you are making your pick and hitting that download button.

  • Make sure your font pick is legible even at smaller sizes as seen in a Pinterest feed.
  • Make sure your font pick goes with the theme of your pin, for example, if you do business writing, a gothic font or a comic font will be completely inappropriate.
  • Make sure you have a Canva Pro account so that you can upload your newly downloaded fonts and use them in your pin designs (affiliate link that does not increase your expense, but gives me a small commission)

That’s it, adios peeps. Good luck making striking, eye-popping Pinterest pins that drive you tons of engagement. Oh and if you check out Creative Fabrica (affiliate link), be sure to check out their free graphics too, I love love love them, especially when making social media posts that don’t take a day to create!

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