LUSH Herbalism: Cleanser to Facemask Hack

LUSH Product Hack: Natural Face Mask at The Cost of a Cleanser

Last time, I’d tried a 7 day challenge for making and trying homemade face masks. This time I am doing something different. I am repurposing a product to make it work as something else!

Yes, LUSH products are good and I am a big fan of some of them. But they are also expensive, at least when compared to some other products out there. I love that they are fresh, contain natural ingredients (on most counts at least) and smell good. But I hate that I have to literally empty my pocket for some of their better face masks, like mask of magnaminty for example.

Mask of magnaminty is a gentle and mild, cleansing face and body mask, that costs significantly higher than their base-end product cleansers like Herbalism and Angels on Bare Skin for example. So I decided to try something different. Since Herbalism is also a gentle and mild cleanser, while having rich ingredients such as ground almonds, I tried it on as a mask. And it worked!

I loved the feel of my skin after applying it as a mask and leaving it there for 10 whole minutes. Not to mention that it worked perfectly as the cleanser it is when I re-wet my face and scrubbed it gently before washing it off too. Let’s first look at the product before we look at the process.

LUSH Herbalism as a Cleanser

Herbalism is my favourite LUSH product and I have tried many. It is a gentle exfoliator and cleanser made with ground almonds and rice vinegar extracts. Whenever I use it (and that’s almost daily), I fall in love with this product and how it leaves my skin feeling and looking when I wash it off. But then I wonder, with this product with such great ingredients, like almonds, kaolin and multiple essential oils, am I not wasting its goodness by washing it off my face in seconds?

So on Monday last week, as an experiment, I tried it on as a face mask. My face just felt clean but not much different than when I wash it using this product. But then I did this again… three times during the week to be exact and I started loving it. I think you will too.

Here’s what I did.

LUSH Herbalism as a Face Mask

It was so easy, I could do this every day. I just scooped out two pinches full of herbalism in a bowl and added a couple of teaspoons of water to get it smooth and at the right consistency required for the application.

Scooped a little Herbalism in a bowl
Herbalism & Water mixed to a smooth consistency for application

Then I just washed my face with a little warm water, wiped it dry and applied a nice, thick layer of the gooey green paste all across it. I also covered my dark circles and eyelids, but you can choose to keep it off those areas.

I then let it rest for 10 minutes. Then I wet my hands a little and massaged my face with very light pressure in circular motions. Then of course I washed it off.

Herbalism Mask: After Application and After Wash Off

When you wash off the mask, you will immediately notice that your face is clean, clear and fresh. You can then finish off with applying a lightly moisturizing day dream like I did.

Try it. I think you’ll love this money-saving hack to use a LUSH cleanser as a natural face mask. I can vouch for Herbalism, while you can try the others and let me know if they work or not.

And if you like homemade face masks, try this 7-Day 7-Face Masks Challenge. The blog contains 7 natural, homemade face mask recipes that I am sure you’ll love. Drop us a comment if you do.

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  1. I used to be a fan of Lush till a decade ago 🙂 Flying Fox was my fav body wash, I kind of gave up when they discontinued the prod and also Big is/was one of the best shampoos! I discovered Rituals recently and I am happy with some of their prods.

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