EBook Review: Healthy Eating for Busy Moms by Dr Surbhi Prapanna

Thanks to Blogchatter’s ebook carnival, I came across a great ebook a few days ago. I had the opportunity to read through, enjoy and recreate some exciting vegetarian recipes from Dr Surbhi Prapanna’s ‘Healthy Eating for Busy Moms’. And since the topic, as well as the book’s contents, are so aligned with my own interests, here is a review.

Book Overview

The book features 26 healthy and nutritious recipes in a unique A2Z format. The recipes are easy to make and can be whipped up in minutes with ingredients easily available in most Indian kitchens. What even better, at least for me, is that all 26 recipes are vegetarian!

The book is beautifully formatted, in a way that you can just skim through the contents to find a recipe that interests you. Then fly to the required page and start reading. Each and every recipe also gives a nutritional background for its ingredients, so if you are on a strict diet or are following a particular nutritional guide, you can easily check whether the recipe falls in line with your plans or not. Many of the recipes also come with tasty accompaniments such as chutneys, soups and bread.

As you read through the recipes you realise that the author has put in a lot of work in her writing and research. It feels great to have access to such painstaking hard work without having to put in the man-hours behind making it. What is of most value is that as you can also read about the health benefits of making and eating a certain dish before you even read through the recipe. Now, that’s the only motivation I really need, though I cannot speak for you.

In addition to recipes, the book also contains a chapter on healthy eating tips and an expert blogger round-up of top bloggers within the healthy food and healthy eating industry.

Key Take-Aways

  • Every recipe featured in this book is quick and easy to make, thus lending itself well to busy mom lifestyles. They are really for moms who are way too busy but would still like to healthy, nutritional meals for themselves and their loved one.
  • The recipes do not require advance planning if you keep your kitchens well stocked. Apart from maybe a few non-traditional ingredients (ingredients that may not be handy in some kitchens), such as quinoa, the recipes lend themselves well to almost every Indian household.
  • Knowing the nutritional value of what you have cooked for your kids helps busy moms be at peace with themselves. Busy moms have it the toughest since most of us suffer from the guilt of not having done enough for our kids no matter how much we do. This book helps ease up at least the nutritional aspect embedded somewhere within that worry.
  • Each recipe comes with a photo, which provides a great visual to compare and contrast, especially for moms like me, who are less than skilled in the kitchen. I do wish though that the pictures would be bigger, brighter and formatted. The editor nazi in me did object to some pictures being square, some being landscape and none bright enough. But considering the amazing value that this book offered, this was too small a speck to keep harping upon.
  • I especially loved the chapters on healthy meal tips and meal preps. Those were refreshing chapters that broke through between the recipes. It could have been more reader-friendly to have these non-recipe chapters at the very end of the book I suppose, but then again, I do appreciate the writer’s idea to go in an alphabetical A to Z order.
  • The blogger round up was an absolute genius idea that I think I will use for my own amateur ebooks as well. Roping in so many industry influencers and getting their inputs is not just a genius mutual-collab but it also ensures that the ebook will get the eyeballs it deserves from their audiences too.

Where to Download

This ebook is truly a treasure of recipes at least for Indian households. So if you are always on the lookout for recipes that are healthy and nutritious but not a pain to make, you can download this ebook here.

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  1. Wow sayali, I loved your review and I m so glad that you liked the book. Thanks a lot for taking out the time and write such a descriptive review. Means a lot to me.

    1. Thank Surbhi. Your book really was very well curated. Loved the recipes and the very visible hard work you put into it.

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