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Kill That Cellulite With These 10 Tricks that Work!

Everyone struggles with cellulite at some or the other point in their lives, irrespective of gender. But women, as they age, undergo physiological changes, go through pregnancies, weight gains and losses, menopause and more, are more susceptible to it.

It is cellulite that leaves behind those unsightly stretch-mark style lumps and dimples on the backs of your thighs, bum, and abdomen. But cellulite is easily beatable, though laser centers and firming clinics would want you to believe otherwise.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The best and most important way to get rid of cellulite is with regular cardiovascular exercise. It is really one of the best ways to attack stubborn fat and kill cellulite.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Any kind of cardiovascular exercise, be it running, swimming, skipping or even kickboxing can help you beat cellulite if done at least 3-times a week. Because like it or not, cellulite is just a fancier word for stubborn fat and as you kill the fat, you see a reduction in cellulite along iwth it.

By training and following a balanced diet, you can reduce the fat stored in your existing fat cells, thereby beating cellulite. Exercise, especially occasional anaerobic weight-training to compliment the cardio, also helps you tone and firm areas that have already been damaged due to cellulite.

How to Exercise to Beat Cellulite?

  • Work up a good sweat when you workout. Just glowing is not good enough to target cellulite. Aim to drip all over the floor!
  • Ideally, aim to get in at least one 30-minute cardio session per day. If you cannot fit it in, ensure that you go no lower than 3 times a week.
  • Try and do different types of exercises each day. Even if you like running, include that cross trainer, that spinning cycle and that skipping rope in your routine too.
  • Swimming may be the best non-impact exercise ever, but if it is cellulite you wish to target, skip it. Substitute it with weight bearing exercises such as running or even walking!
  • If you wish to see quicker results, use interval training. The faster your speed and the higher your resistance, the better your workout.

Beat Cellulite with these 10 Tricks that Work

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels
  1. If you notice problem cellulite areas on you, such as the back of your thighs, massage them lightly every night before going to bed.
  2. Invest in a good anti-cellulite cream. They are expensive because they work.
  3. Try a detox diet for a month. A build-up of toxins in your body make it harder for the body to naturally break down fat.
  4. Exercise daily or at least 3 times a week. After 30 minutes of cardio, spend a few rounds with weights. As you build more muscles, you naturally burn more calories each day.
  5. Avoid alcohol, not just during your detox diet month but also generally. If this is not possible, limit your intake a minimum.
  6. Keep your caffeine intake to a minimum as well if you cannot give it up altogether.
  7. Reduce your salt intake. Make it a point to not add extra salt to your meals either.
  8. Reduce your sweet intake. Not just sugar but also food with hidden sugars such as biscuits, juices and others.
  9. Stop smoking. Stop smoking altogether and get help, if necessary, to achieve that goal. Tobacco smoke destroys the Vitamin C necessary to build collagen.
  10. Eat fennel or drink fennel tea. Fennel is a natural diuretic that lowers your body’s water retention, one of the main reasons behind visible cellulite.

There is no substitute for a healthy diet and a good level of fitness activity when it comes to healthy, glowing skin minus the cellulite. So if you wish to rock those shorts way into your twilight years, these are the only true things you can count on. Stay motivated, it matters… and it shows!

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