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5 Key Blog-Writing Tools: Must-Haves to Rank #1 Google Rank

Most new bloggers who know nothing about blog-writing tools and blogging plans make two suicidal mistakes. I made them too when I was just starting out.

One, I wrote what I felt like writing about. I wrote about my guinea pigs and turtles one day, then about Maggi recipes on the next, then some toddler activities out of the blue and then about my weekend hike. I wrote about everything under the sun with no rhyme nor reason, and with no clue about niches and audiences!

Two, I thought writing a good, valuable blog was all it took to be successful. I thought I’d hit that publish button and then be done. If I published consistently, I’d be successful. Alas, good intentions and hard work do not guarantee success, especially so when you have only a few pieces of the puzzle.

If you are doing the same thing with your travel blog, hell, with any blog whatsoever, stop. No. Seriously. STOP!

You are wasting you time, effort and possibly even money. Just STOP.

Know this first and foremost. Then reset and restart again. Believe me, you’ll know what I mean when you complete the whole puzzle like it is meant to be.

  1. DO NOT write what you want to write about. Write about what people are looking for within your niche. And I’ll tell you just how to do that as we look at the tools below.
  2. Do not sit back and relax once you have published a blog. Researching, writing and publishing a blog is just 40 percent of the work. The real work starts now and that’s marketing your blog, creating backlinks, increasing traffic, creating rock solid mailing lists and coming up with (and implementing) a rock solid monetizing plan, whether it is through your own products or though affiliate marketing.

Do not lose track of the ultimate aim, that you need to be able to earn from your blog sooner rather than later.

Right. Now that we have strayed to my heart’s content, let’s look at some blog-writing tools that will get your blogs ranking on Google and doing just that – earning money. Here are 5 blog-writing tools that will simplify your blogging journey and get you ranking and earning faster via Google and Pinterest.

Must-Have Blogging Tools For Blogging Success

1. A Keyword Research Tool such as MOZ, or Ahrefs

Like I touched upon earlier, the game is all about finding the right things to write about first and then writing about them brilliantly enough to wow readers, and Google! That’s the only sure shot path to succes.

So then it begs the question, how do I find these topics and keywords? Are there any keywords related blogging tools? You’re in luck. For the best blog-writing tools are actually keyword research tools. And every blogger worth her salt knows that that’s where the money is.

So here’s the lowdown. Head out to, or or SEMRush, or Ubersuggest (yes, in that order of preference) and take a trial run. Moz gives you a 30-day trial of the pro version and a 30 day period is enough to research enough keywords to have a content plan for at least 6 months or your monthly content calendar filled up at the very least.

The trick is to look for long tail keywords related to your niche that are decent on search volume and low on competition (I’ll be writing another article on exactly how to do that and linking it here). Once you have a list of such keywords, things get simple, write blogs about them. Be sure to provide value, answer pertinent question and have a word count of at the least 1500 words!

When I say answer related questions, here’s another little trick. Head out to Answer the Public and type in your selected keyword. Let the software do it’s magic and within seconds you’ll know exactly the questions that are being searched for and hence need to be answered in your post. The free version of tool is phenomenal, but the paid version is mindblowing, and for a fraction of costs in comparison to competitors. Watch this space for an article about that!

2. A SEO Writing Assistant, Editing & Plagiarism Tools such as Frase & Grammarly

Once you’ve done your research, it is time to write. One of the best and most powerful blog-writing tool I have ever used till date is Frase. It has been worth every penny spent because I find my blogs ranking and being read, which is the first and foremost criteria for any kind of monetary success, no?

Frase in a blog-writing AI assistant. Once you type in your keyword, it will give you everything you really need to to write fast and effectively without missing out on any important areas that have been covered by competitors. It will also tell you the word count that you must target for that keyword and it will calculate your topic score as you keep writing, ensuring that you offer everything that your competitors offer and then top it with something more valuable to readers. Watch this space for more on Frase, since I am so bowled over by it and cannot stop singing its frases… oh I meant praises.. frase praise, you get the idea (LOL).

Once you are done writing, don’t forget to plug in your written blog onto Grammarly to ensure that it is readable and error free, and then check it again for plagiarism on Copyscape (which happens to be my personal favorite plagiarism checker). There are other free plagiarism checkers out there, but they do nowhere near as good a job and it is only after you compare the free and the paid do you realize this.

3. An Email Marketing Software like ConvertKit or an All-in-One CRM such Engagebay

Whether you are looking to sell your own products and services through your blog in the future or looking to make some affiloate income, just writing good blogs is not enough. There has to be a lead capture mechanism in place and you will need either a sales and marketing CRM or at the very least an email marketing software to grow and engaged mailing list. Statistically, qualified and niche-specific mailing lists convert anywhere between 2 to 10 percent and that’s huge isn’t it? Especially if you are offering high value products and services!

I have been using Engagebay since 2019 and am very happy with it. From landing pages to forms, from email marketing campaigns to social posting, Engagebay is an all-in-one program and well worth the price. Of course you can try the free version before you choose to invest, similar to the free versions of Mailchimp or Convertkit, only packed with many more goodies.

4. A Graphic Designing & Scheduling Tool such as Canva

And once you’re done publishing your blog, you need to promote it. Canva is the go-to tool to create social media graphics, Pinterest images or enough blog images! Most bloggers swear by Canva and getting an annual pro membership is the best spend I have ever made. Canva is a graphic designing software that even beginners can easily master. The pro membership also has a built in social media scheduler and tons of stock photos and videos that you would otherwise have to pay for outside. Not to mention easily editable templates, GIFs, animated elements and more, including tools such as background eraser. If there is one just one think that I could never live without, it is my Canva Pro account!

Try Canva Pro Today You get a full 30 day trial period to try out all the features and you can safely deactivate your trial without being charged a day or two before the trial period ends.

5. Marketing & Leadmagnet Templates such as Creative Market

And if you’d rather outsource this bit of the work, you can save a ton of money by still doing it yourself, only using ready made template. Using templates saves you time and effort both, it is especially a boon if you have no design skills and such at colour aesthetics. Creative Market offers the best Canva templates for just about any and every niche and any and every purpose.

P.S This post is written on the basis of my personal experience with all of these recommended blogging tools, or rather blog-writing tools. I have used each and every tool recommended here personally and am happy enough with each to be a partnering affiliate for them. Hence, this post contains a few affiliate links, wherein I earn a small commission for every purchase you make using my link, with no extra cost being charged to you. That said, my recommendations are honest and not a single one is made simply for the purposes of plugging in my affiliate link. Thanks in advance should you choose to support me and my content by using them.

This post is part of Blogchatter’s A2Z Challenge that runs in April reach year.

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