Beauty Tricks That Can Save Your Life Someday!

Make up tricks for special events
Make Ups Tricks for The Special Occasions

We all want to look our best for certain occasions. It could be a dream job interview for some (maybe at Cosmo), a big wedding (maybe the third time lucky one), a grand prom date (hottest guy in class) or a ‘meet the parents’ sequence.

Whatever your reason for wanting to look perfect could be, there are just so many things that could go horribly wrong, making the dream occasion come crashing down as a mortifying nightmare. Such awry experiences can vary in intensity between ‘thankfully forgettable’ to embarrassingly the ‘talk of ever single living room convo’. But there are ways to never let this happen to you!

While you could always walk under a ladder or have a black cat cross your way sealing the fact that your fate is no longer in your hands, there are some tricks that could help you in minimizing your probabilities of something going drastically wrong. So here are some beauty tricks that could figuratively (and sometimes even literally) save your lives:

Puffy Eyes Trick

Now who would ever want to meet their boyfriend’s family with droopy eyelids and puffy under-eyes? Of course, you’d rather that they not know of your volatile tossing and turning and frequent short films of nightmarish dreams, proving how you’d been dreading this meeting all along, right?

So, here’s a trick. Just dump two steel spoons in the freezer section of your refrigerator for a few minutes. Go get your strong coffee in the meantime, you are bound to feel a lot better and at a little more peace with the world once you have had it.

Then, just get the spoons out and place the two spoons exactly over your eyes for a few minutes. Just remember, no pain no gain. If your eyes are feeling bad about the frozen spoon treatment, tell them it’s what’s good for ’em.

Once the spoons have been on your eyes for a while (translated to – have now warmed up and are of no more use temperature wise), remove them and check the mirror. Voila! Your puffy eyes have miraculously vanished and you can now meet the parents with full confidence and panache.

Lip Make Up Tricks

Lip Make Up Tricks
A little color for your lips!

If you are a fan of lip make up just like I am, you must know that once again, there are several potholes down this road, that are just waiting to derail your best laid plans. So, here’s how to get it perfectly perfect.

  • If you going for the nude lips look (obviously you don’t want to appear to made up either, right?), there is a much better looking way than opting for a nude lipstick. Apply a thin layer of concealer on your lips and then dab on some nude lip gloss. You can just never go wrong with this.
  •  There is just nothing worse in terms of ‘mortifying’ if you get lipstick on your teeth. It is also equally hard to prevent of you have large front teeth or teeth that you failed to put braces on when you really should have. The trick to prevent it however is to apply your lipstick first. Once done, put your forefinger in your mouth and close your lips around it. Gently pull your finger out from the liplock. The extra lipstick on the inner sides of your lips will all come off on your finger this way, thus leaving your teeth untainted.

Other Make Up Tricks

Nail color application tricks
A little color for your nails!

If you are one of those people who are obsessed with getting that ‘perfectly made up’ look, you probably know these tricks anyway. For those of you who do it rarely but on that one vital occasion, the following tricks work like a charm on those really vital days.

  • For first timers, the best way to avoid getting mascara all over your eyelids is to use the back side of a spoon placed behind the lashes. Not only does it act as a solid barrier between your lashes and your lids, but it also helps to get that perfect upward curl.
  •  If you want perfectly painted nails, try applying a little petroleum jelly on the flesh just outside of your nails. This will prevent spills and splotches, giving you perfect nails at home without the expenditure of a nail salon.
  •  If frizzy hair is your nemesis and bad hair days are more common than you’d care to mention, there’s an easy way out to smooth out the erratic frizz instantly. Just wet your hands a bit and slap on some hand lotion. Now run your hands and fingers through your hair and give the frizzy part a pull and twist. Release the twist after about 10 minutes and then let your hair down. Your frizz problems… uh, what frizz problems?
  •  If you have really dry and scratchy elbows, which unfortunately show prominently when you wear certain top styles, there is a cure that always works. Before going to bed at night, just slap on a thick layer of diaper rash cream (now where will you get that, now how the hell will I know that) on your elbow. Just one application will do the trick. This also works miracles on dry heels!

Have some tricks of your own? Share them and save a life!

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