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You Are The One…

Love is blooming... (Photo by Nautilus Photography)
Love Is Blooming!

You are the one. The one person I want to grow old with. The one person who can make me smile, genuinely, from the bottom of my heart. Yes you! You are the one with whom I want to dream; to fly, to dance and rejoice. You are the one I want to hike with; starting from here, now; aiming to reach the horizon, sometime before eternity. You are the one I want to walk with, on the beach, barefoot – leaving footprints in the wet sand, the sea breeze taking liberties and time moving at our will and pace.

You are the one. The one in whose arms I dream of enjoying blissful peace; for it is in your arms that I am oblivious of the world; forgetting appointments, heat and stress. You are the one I dream of each night, sweeping me off my feet and carrying me to nowhere specific. Your eyes are the ones I have aspirations of reading, it is your heart that I wish to conquer. Yes, your heart is where I wish to reside.

You are the one. The one I want to burn with, in every adversity, sorrow, fall and defeat. I wish to be consumed by your thoughts, dreams and ambitions. I want to feel you with my hands, kiss with my lips and hold with my arms. I want it to be you I see, feel and touch, everytime I close my eyes. I want to sing with you; for you; or just close my eyes and hear you sing. I want to hear your deepest secrets and tell you all mine. I want to be the one to inspire you to take on the world and get whatever your heart desires. I want you to believe in what I believe, for I believe you can!

You see, I have a vision, from a book I once read. Of a man dressed in black, carrying a woman dressed in white; walking into the full moon, that dispels the darkness of the night. I see you coloring this dream of mine. Will you dispel my darkness? Will you be my sunshine?

(Though this love letter was written to a figment of my imagination, long before I met my husband, I know now that it was my destiny. So I dedicate it to my husband, thankfully, my destiny led me to you.)

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